Planbook Maker

Planbook Maker is an awesome website I stumbled upon through Pinterest. It’s an internet-based, free lesson planning book. I have recently been using it because it is portable. I can get on it from home, at school, through my phone and on my Kindle. It’s really a no-excuses way to lesson plan! I tend to be a little forgetful and leave my planner and notebooks in my car or at school, so it’s easy access whenever I need it.

Below is a quick tutorial, and how I use it.


It asks you to create a gradebook. You can make multiple…or you can do just one. I created just one for the year.


Once you have designed a planbook, it gives you a cool little calendar view. I just started using this program. The green indicates that you have a plan made for all classes in your planbook. I have three periods in mine (regular LA, reading, and my low-level LA). If all your plans are not completed, the green will only cover part of that calendar day.


This is inside your plan book. This is only a photo of my LA 1, 4, and 6 classes, but it extends down beyond that for Reading and LA 7. You can see any documents you have chosen to include and any highlighting you have made. I highlight my lessons in yellow and homework in blue. I also like to attach the notes and documents I am using that day to my Planbook. It helps me print stuff from school and home if I need to, or make a quick reference.


This is within my plans. I can edit from this page. I like to include everything I need in case I have an observation that day.


My favorite feature is the export or print. You can also see where the documents are included. You can either export it to a PDF to be emailed or saved OR you can print it out. It also offers a print out for the week, or a selection of the day you need printed.

This product is super handy! Visit to sign up for your FREE account. Did I mention it’s free?!

Happy Teaching!

-Ms. Wyoming


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