Seriously trying to get motivated

Okay, so, I have determined one fact: Trying to keep up with a blog your first year teaching is really tough! I keep forgetting I even have it! Sorry to anyone (if there is anyone) who has been waiting around on my blog posts….I promise to do better this semester!


So….update on my year so far? It’s the second semester and I am finally feeling settled in. I feel like I have time to worry about my lessons, plan in advance, and really get everything “worked out”. Looking back, though, I feel like in getting settled in teaching I missed focusing on a lot of skills works, so I am trying to get caught up with that. Right now, I am focusing on a poetry unit. Students are looking at a condensed list of poetry vocabulary and we are working through poems to support those skills. I am also giving the kids writing assignments to support their “thinking about poetry” (poetry was something I focused on a lot in college). It’s been pretty successful!! I am still struggling with my low level kids. At this point, the struggle has been between multiple teachers vying for a spot as my permanent mentor for the year, and I feel like the kids have lost a lot skill work as a result.


Please comment if you have any questions! I am happy to share my poetry lessons and powerpoints with anyone who would like them! I am also working on getting my TeachersPayTeachers site up and running. I just discovered “” where a lot of creators get their graphics for their teachers pay teachers signs. Very high quality and cute! (:



–Miss Wyoming


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