Poison Tree and Poison Rhymes

So…today was a huge flop in way of 7th grade poetry writing. We have been working through reading poems and learning poetry terms that go along with them. This has been both a huge hit and success. The students aren’t griping about having to read the poems because I have tried to pick some decent ones. So far, we have done…

  • Abandoned Farmhouse 
  • Deserted Farm   (we compared and contrasted the two of these)
  • One Inch Tall
  • Poppies
  • When It Snows (these poems taught us about imagery and rhyme scheme)
  • Poison Tree

Today, we attempted writing poems in the same mood as Poison Tree. I picked some KEY words from them poem and asked students to write both a quatrain and a couplet using some of these words. They had to pick a rhyme scheme (either AABB or ABAB) and write about it. I got a variety of decent poems, from fighting a dragon in the middle of the night to waking up crying over a nightmare. However, some of the more interesting poems included a cat, Obama, a scuba diver, and the age old rhyme “I’m a Poet/And I didn’t even know it!” I guess I had a little more faith in the kids that they could channel their inner dark poet. After a week of snow days and True Blood, I’m really channeling mine. I think for the rest of my classes today, I may prompt them…write about a nightmare, a monster, vampires and werewolves, a dragon, etc. Hopefully this focuses things more so I don’t have to hear about “I can scuba, I moved to Cuba, because I didn’t like Obama”….whatttt?!?


Still working on incorporating writing into my daily lessons as reading is such a HUGE focus in my district. It’s all about reading here, and I love that! Happy to take any suggestions to incorporate more writing on a daily basis. If you’d like any of my poetry handouts/slides/or worksheets, please comment and I’d be happy to share! (:


—Miss Wyoming


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