Okay, fellow firsties…..obviously we have learned ONE HUGE GIGANTIC important lesson this year—Committing to a blog your first year teaching is extremely tough!!

So here is my pledge for the coming year–I still plan to keep the “First Time ‘Round” blog up and running for a few reasons. First, it’s my first time ACTUALLY committing to a blog for the whole year. Second, I want to share tips with first year teachers for THEIR first time teaching. I plan to bring the following elements to my new blog:

-Moving (I’m finally getting my own house this summer)
-Setting my classroom BACK up (we have to take down at the end of every year, so I will document my set up extravaganza with my new room)
-Re-vamped classroom management (I have been reading a LOT of blogs on new classroom management tips. This year’s system was a wash. Out with the old, and in with the new)
-Re-vamped curriculum (Again, this first year was a wash. Time to try something new)
-Weekly lesson plans and goodies
-Getting a TPT store up and running
-Advice for different points during the year
-Monthly teacher fashion recaps (:

I hope you guys stick with me!!


Miss Wyoming