Tour of my Classroom


Currently working during pre-service week! It’s been an overwhelming week! So much information and good ideas! I am just trying to sort it all out–so, in lieu of discussing school, I thought I would give you all a classroom tour. 


This is my “pass area”. There are passes for the library, bathroom, office, and then a few key chains that our schools annual fundraiser gives us. I try to separate them by most commonly used so they do not get tangled and clogged up.



This is one of my new vinyl decals. I have several on this portion of the board. They say “Homework” “Today is…” “LA Agenda” “Reading Agenda” “Announcements” “SOL” I teach a reading class and a language arts class. The reading class is more of an enrichment setting, where is LA is curriculum based.


This is my book news board. I update this about once a month. Once I start getting new books I will list them on the board. I have a book waiting list because I tend to find that books cannot stay on my shelves long enough for a student to get to them. This gives the kids a way to get their book first come, first served. I usually list what I am reading, so the students see me as a reader. I also have my library rules that will stay up for the whole first 6-weeks of school and a list of what I read over the summer.


This is a new poster I have added for the first week of school. It will give students a chance to share books they really enjoy reading. Hopefully it will give struggling readers or non-readers a place to pick up ideas about good books!


This is a new area in my classroom. This was previously my computer but I was given a laptop by my district to use instead. This is a place for kids to get on the computer and check out their books. I will do a whole post on “Classroom.Booksource.Com” one day soon. I also have my document camera on the cart and a student notebook so they can keep up to date. The binders are for the students when they return to school to leave in class.


This is my area. No need to shake your head—I know it’s awful right now!


These are sticky numbers I put on all the desks so the students can find their seats easier and to use them for activities. I also make a folder for each student in my homeroom to store all of their “back to school” paperwork.


This picture is my pride and joy. This is my reading library. I spent a lot of time and money last year compiling this to be what it is. I could spend hours talking about it, but I will just hit the highlights. I keep all of my books in baskets instead of filing them on the shelves. I went to a seminar with Donalynn Miller (The Book Whisperer) and she suggested this idea. Aside of being able to group the books by genre and series, it also allows the kids to take the books with them to their desks to make a decision, instead of feeling pressured to stand and chose a book. The rug and blue tub you see are for my “reading corner”. In the tub are pillows and 2 seat cushions students can use to get comfortable to read. I don’t believe in making the kids sit in a hard seat for a DEAR day or for independent reading time. I let them sprawl out on the floor, sit in the reading corner, sit on desks, sit in my chair, etc. It promotes the idea that this is their time to enjoy themselves.



This is just a better picture of more amenities I have for readers–two crate seats and a camp chair.


This is a fun sign in my library that I made last year when I was bored!


This is a picture of my read owls I got free off TPT and my return box. I have students return their books here so I can check them back in on the computer. They are not allowed at any point to reshelve their own books.


In here, I have 3 things…. 1) A complete list of every book I have in my library 2) A paper called “Ms. Wyoming should read….” where students can give me book recommendations 3) A list of “If you like this, read that” books


This is an area to showcase literature that is being made into a movie. Any movie on this board can be used as extra credit if the student brings me their ticket.


These are my rules “Be Prompt, Prepared, Polite, Productive, and Patient” and my “anchor” area.


This is the news/announcement center. I have the bell schedule, a calendar and the school’s grading policy. Below (which is also a mess) are turn in drawers for all of my class periods. The basket holds copies if I have to make a lot that are too heavy for my pocket chart.


Another picture of this area—one of my goals is to try and keep it neater this year!


Anchor area and a cute owl!


3 things features in this picture– 1) The stacking bins are where students keep their composition notebooks. 2) Lost and found 3) Recycling–my school does a fabulous job recycling! We recycled several tons of paper last year alone!


This is an awesome shade I engineered myself for intruder drills and general privacy. I am the ONLY door in the building with this big of a window.


Aforementioned pocket chart. I keep my copies in this. The top is Mondays copies and on down!

  So there is a tour of my room! I hope you enjoyed it! I will post more details about other stuff later when I have more time. Right now, I am eating a half priced Sonic cheeseburger and onion rings!


Ms Wyoming


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