Getting Back in the Swing

I feel like I go through really energetic blogging periods and then periods where I do not write much.

Right now I am feeling like getting back in the swing of things, but in a different way. I am currently in the process of creating a new domain to focus my blogging on. I have a hard time with “teaching blogs” because I don’t feel like taking pictures, uploading all of my assignments, etc. Instead, I am switching to a “Reading Centered” blog, because in all honesty, my life is reading centered.

Plan to see Book Reviews, ideas to get kids engaged in reading, guest posts from my students, etc. I am planning on leaving “The First Time Round” blog up simply because my interview tips are awesome (: (Toot toot…I did just toot my own horn), but in terms of passion, teaching blogging is not one of my passions. BOOKS ARE!!

My new URL is

Come visit!! (:

–Miss Wyoming


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