Fast Classroom Management Tips

Good afternoon,

As I sit listening to my neighbor’s classroom scream and yell when they are supposed to be doing work, it occurs to me that as a first year teacher, I am sure my classroom sounded like this many days. It is now my third year teaching and I feel that my classroom management is on the way to being more “locked down”. Below are some fast classroom management tips to get your students motivated, but also keep them behaved.

  1. Seating chart—Spend time on your seating chart once you get to know your students. This can make or break a class.
  2. Set your expectations early–I met my students in the hall the first day and told them that once they traveled through my door, they were to be silent.
  3. Have work for them when they walk in the door–The second your students walk in the door, they should have work to do. This might be sometime as simple as reading or it may be a warm-up. Make sure your directions are clear and easy to follow so they are not asking questions.
  4. Make an example–I like to lay out my expectations and then make an example. This means the first student to upset these expectation gets a consequence. I don’t go easy because its’ the “first time they’ve messed up”. Once the rest of the class sees you are serious, they will understand your expectations are set in stone.
  5. Offer some flexibility and movement in your class stucture–Seriously, brain breaks are a real thing! If you as an adult cannot sit through a staff meeting without checking your phone and email, how can a student be expected to sit through your class and not get bored?

Happy Teaching!

-MIss Wyoming


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