Google Apps for Creativity and Collaboration

Google Apps for Crea Collab.001

Google is the Apple of the internet, I swear. I head the technology committee at my school and was recently asked to present on Google Apps with a co-worker of mine. Though a headache at first, we soon realized just how beneficial Google Apps were in the classroom. We presented on the most “fun” 3″

  1. Google Draw
  2. Google Slides
  3. Google Forms

Our motto was the 3 C’s–Create, Collaborate, and Collect.

Some ideas for Google Draw in the classroom:

  1. Diagrams (great for science)–You can importat a diagram into Google Draw and have students label it or create their own
  2. Graphic Organizers
  3. Pre-Writing
  4. Post-Reading Comprehension
  5. Posters
  6. Flow Charts

Some ideas for Google Slides:

  1. Collaborative Presentations
  2. Timelines focusing one event per slide

Some ideas for Google Forms:

  1. Worksheets
  2. Quizzes
  3. Tests
  4. Exit Tickets
  5. Warm-ups
  6. Reading Logs
  7. Surveys
  8. Data collection when speaking to parents, students, admin, etc.

These are just some basic ideas! I will do a post later elaborating on each idea individually!

Until next time (:

–Miss Wyoming


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