How to Enjoy Your Holiday Break: Cleaning Plan (Part 1)

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As a first year teacher or an any year teacher, any break is sacred time divined to you from the heavens above. I’m serious. I don’t know how often I just sit and think: “Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough!” Aside of killer Black Friday sales, there is also the added bonus of tons of food, seeing your friends and family, and NO STUDENTS or SCHOOL RESPONSIBILITIES. Except….if you are like me, you go on break and then finally have time to look at your house and realize, “Holy crap. I have to clean this place and grade all of these papers.” That’s now how your break should be! Below is a cleaning plan to help you get organized by Thanksgiving–starting Tuesday!

Each step below should be allotted 1 hour of your time! Depending on how much you have to clean, this may require you to work super fast. If your space is small, then you may have time to snapchat your cleaning progress!

Holiday Cleaning Plan Thumb.001

The mentality behind this plan is that if you don’t make it upstairs, it’s okay. Guests will typically be visiting downstairs unless you have overnight guests. Cleaning the places where people see is always more important. For sanity sake, it will make you feel like your house is clean because when you walk into it, you are seeing a clean space. You may just need to sleep on the couch to ignore the upstairs (:

Happy Thanksgiving! My holiday grading plan should be up soon!

–Miss Wyoming


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