An Enjoyable Home Workspace

When you teach, working from home is the name of the name of the game. I try to limit my work from home. (I recently have adopted a new grading plan that requires I work from home one night a week–will post more when I see how it goes). Between my 2 blogs, an up-and-coming YouTube channel, and 90 students to keep grades for, making my home workspace was CRITICAL. Below is a tour of my workspace.

The key to my space is that it is both inspiring and enjoyable to me. I love the color pink, so I wanted my office space to be both fun and inviting to me. With my makeup blog and YouTube channel, I also wanted a pretty blogging room with nice backgrounds so when I film, I’m not getting boring white walls.

1: My desk. I keep all of my school supplies in the photo box on the desk. Over the desk is a picture of a daisy that I painted (it is getting replaced with this picture from HobbyLobby). Below is a set of storage drawers with my craft supplies in them. Reorganizing that is my project for Christmas break. As I am typing this, I forgot to tell the story of my desk. I found it on Facebook at this sketchy thrift shop in my town. I went there and it didn’t have a price tag and I got it for $7!!
2. I believe in pink canvas from HomeGoods–because, I believe in PINK!
3. My TV and wall dots. The photo frame there needs to be hung and it needs to get a new mat.
4. My dresser mirror area. This is where I keep overflow clothes from my bedroom.
5. “Sir Cadogan”. He was a knight in Harry Potter. My biggest inspiration in teaching, Mrs. Sonafelt, gave me this as a graduation gift because it sat on my desk all year when I co-taught with her senior year.
6. XOXO and Lamp.  The XOXO is from HobbyLobby. The lamp is a cheap lamp that my mom had in her house. I took it, spray painted it silver, and then added the lampshade from WalMart.
7. The bed (had to push all the clothes to the end). There is a second bedspread that matches the damask patterned pillow. I just got lucky that the XOXO sign on my desk matches the LOVE pillow on the bed.
8. Desk again (:
9. Pictures of me and friends that I have around the room.
10. The basket on my dresser has all of my PoshMark shipping supplies in them. I like to send my PoshMark packages out in pretty packages. I stocked up on these pretty pink shipping packages from Target for $1.00 each. There are free packages from USPS behind them that I use for bigger packages.

That is my “pink room” as I call it. I hope it inspires you to go out and make a fun office space! Maybe it’s overwhelming to your eyes and you have decided on a stark white office space! Either way, it is important to find a place you can work from home that is designated for WORK and not where you sit and enjoy yourself. Keeping work and play separate is a huge help in maintaining your mental health during busy times of the year and lowering your stress levels.

–Miss Wyoming


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