About Me!

Hello, all! I am assuming you stumbled upon this blog because you looked up “Interview Tips” and somehow found your way here. Who knew this blog would be such a hit when I posted that link? But now that you are here you’ve snooped around. First off being….

Who am I? I am Ms. Wyoming, a 7th grade teacher in a small rural community in Virginia.

That’s me! This is right before I graduated college with my best friend from preschool who also happens to be a teacher.

I graduted with my BA in English and some education classes. I went on to pursue a “non traditional” licensure route to become a teacher. Basically, I didn’t student teach, had a HUGE headache from the university who allowed me to get my license, and got a “learners permit” for a year to teach. I am fully licensed now and teaching middle school Language Arts (I will do a whole post on the art of teaching middle school one day….As I type this, I have a large glass of wine. I fear the opinions I will share if I do it tonight…).

But obviously you know I am a teacher or you would have otherwise not landed on this blog. A little more about me as a non-teacher.

I don’t look at myself and say “Wow, I have a really exciting life!” because quite honestly I don’t. I am homebody. I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, family, and friends. I recently moved into my first townhouse and am living alone with a shelf full of books. That’s one thing I will share….I am a book fanatic. Since I was a child, I have been chugging through some serious paper. I also like to write short stories. This is infrequent as it seems all my ideas are made into movies shortly after I have the idea….perhaps I am a soothsayer of the pop culture phenomenons (I totally called Stephenie Meyer and told her to write Twilight! Except Bella and Jacob got together and Edward was left in the dust….I am passionate about the terrible end to Twilight, too!)

I enjoy drinking wine. In the amount labeled “whole bottle….maybe three”.  I teach swim lessons in the summer time. My favorite TV show is the Big Bang Theory, and True Blood, and Sex in the City. I watch more Kardashians than I should and know a lot about pop culture! If I could have any profession other than being a teacher I would style (not cut or color) hair and do makeup for events. I also have a secret ambition to be Tinkerbell at Disney. I am a Potter-Head to the extreme…..if I were sorted I’d end up in Hufflepuff though. They like books the most. Umm….I think this is about it?

**Update: I know many of you will say “This is not your first year teaching!” Well, hey, that’s okay? What am I supposed to do…change to a new blog everytime I get another year under my belt? Every year feels like a new year and rightfully so–no one should get so stuck in their lessons that they are doing the same thing year after year after year. But YOU are hopefully a first year teachers. I am hoping that I can give you helpful advice in this blog about things to do your first year as you read my posts. I plan to post things and reflect on what I did wrong the first year (or right…I’m not all bad). **


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