How to Enjoy Your Holiday Break: Cleaning Plan (Part 1)

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As a first year teacher or an any year teacher, any break is sacred time divined to you from the heavens above. I’m serious. I don’t know how often I just sit and think: “Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough!” Aside of killer Black Friday sales, there is also the added bonus of tons of food, seeing your friends and family, and NO STUDENTS or SCHOOL RESPONSIBILITIES. Except….if you are like me, you go on break and then finally have time to look at your house and realize, “Holy crap. I have to clean this place and grade all of these papers.” That’s now how your break should be! Below is a cleaning plan to help you get organized by Thanksgiving–starting Tuesday!

Each step below should be allotted 1 hour of your time! Depending on how much you have to clean, this may require you to work super fast. If your space is small, then you may have time to snapchat your cleaning progress!

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The mentality behind this plan is that if you don’t make it upstairs, it’s okay. Guests will typically be visiting downstairs unless you have overnight guests. Cleaning the places where people see is always more important. For sanity sake, it will make you feel like your house is clean because when you walk into it, you are seeing a clean space. You may just need to sleep on the couch to ignore the upstairs (:

Happy Thanksgiving! My holiday grading plan should be up soon!

–Miss Wyoming


Random Survey for Teachers


I’m on family vacation and all the boys are out fishing, so no beach time for this girl until they get back. To be honest, I’m not huge on the beach anyway. I’d prefer to do my week at a lake or go sight see somewhere with good shopping. Anyways, wanted to do a quick update with some fun things because my planning has stalled out for to lack of an actual computer.

My move is going swimmingly. I am all settled in with minor unpacking to do. Hopefully I’ll be completely done soon!!!!!

Here is a cute random survey I found on Yahoo! for teachers:

1) What is your favorite inspirational quote?
I have a few, but my favorite is what I featured as my senior yearbook quote….”If you want to know what a man’s like, take a look at how he treats his interiors not his equals.” –Sirius Black, Goblet of Fire

2) Last movie you watched?
…….Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1.

3) What inspired you to be a teacher?
Several factors including my love of reading, my love of helping people, and a special teacher I had in 11th grade named Tracy Sonafelt who made everyone love English and feel like they had a place in the classroom.

4) Favorite holiday?

5) What are you currently reading?
The Selection by Keira Cass

6) Favorite part of being a teacher?
Watching kids get excited over books and talking to them about books we’ve both read.

7) Least favorite part of teaching?
Paper work and RTI initiatives. Anything standardized is a challenge for me because I feel  that constantly changing standardized standards to implement rigor only puts stress on the kids and further the gap between on track learners and those who are behind. More kids are being considered behind when really they are intelligent kids who test poorly. It’s tough because there has to be some standard to measure achievement but I’m just not sure if there is a true “learning friendly” way.

8) Secret other profession:
Not a secret… and makeup artist for formal events or on a set.

9) Favorite part of the school year?
Right after Christmas!

10) Tips for future teachers?
My whole blog is based around that. One thing I will say though is don’t just apply for jobs… or email to let the principal know you have applied!!!!!

That’s all for now!
-Miss Wyoming (:


Okay, fellow firsties…..obviously we have learned ONE HUGE GIGANTIC important lesson this year—Committing to a blog your first year teaching is extremely tough!!

So here is my pledge for the coming year–I still plan to keep the “First Time ‘Round” blog up and running for a few reasons. First, it’s my first time ACTUALLY committing to a blog for the whole year. Second, I want to share tips with first year teachers for THEIR first time teaching. I plan to bring the following elements to my new blog:

-Moving (I’m finally getting my own house this summer)
-Setting my classroom BACK up (we have to take down at the end of every year, so I will document my set up extravaganza with my new room)
-Re-vamped classroom management (I have been reading a LOT of blogs on new classroom management tips. This year’s system was a wash. Out with the old, and in with the new)
-Re-vamped curriculum (Again, this first year was a wash. Time to try something new)
-Weekly lesson plans and goodies
-Getting a TPT store up and running
-Advice for different points during the year
-Monthly teacher fashion recaps (:

I hope you guys stick with me!!


Miss Wyoming